Life Management Clinic

116 Bauer Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40207

Brian Beckham, Ph.D., LCADC, CBIP
Director, Life Management, Inc.
Specializing in Substance Abuse Counseling, Batterers Counseling, Anger Management, Life Coaching and 
Co-occurring Disorders
Adjunct College Instructor

PHONE:  (502)773-3406

+Maurice McCormick, Ed.D, LPCC, LMHC, CBIP, CSOP
Specializing in Domestic Violence (BIP), Anger Management, Parenting, Marriage Counseling, Divorce Adjustment, Mental Health Issues
Chair Pastoral Counseling Agape Seminary

PHONE:  (502)419-5605

John Edwards Jr., MS, MSS, D.Min
Counseling Associate - Army Veteran
Under supervision for Addiction Counseling, BIP, Anger Management, Sex Offender
Group Provider
Pastor Counselor, Agape of Jesus Church

PHONE:  (270)312-6736

Julia Schultz, M.A.
Expressive Therapist
Pastoral Counselor, Agape of Jesus Church

PHONE:  (502) 472-8637


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